Two Players Seeking Camaraderie and 5e Games

Groovy! I myself will be late this Saturday, but the group meets at noon and plays till 4 or 5. Currently, there’s the DM, myself, two other guys, and two ladies. The group thus far is:

A drow elf Oath of the Ancients paladin
A human fighter (archer; going for eldrith knight, I think)
A lizardfolk warlock (hexblade)
A Tabaxi rogue
And a (fallen) Aasimar druid.

I’m good (the pally); I think the rest of the group is mostly neutral. So as far as characters, play what you *like* of course.


What we could *use* is a “knower of stuff” and/or a dedicated healer. Of course, that can manifest in all sorts of ways: lore wizard (from UA), knowledge domain cleric, lore bard, war domain cleric, diviner wizard, life domain cleric, bladesinger wizard, valor bard... But like I said, play what you like.

Anyways, we’re 2nd level characters, Forgotten Realms. What I’d recommend is having class (DM is not allowing multiclassing), background, equipment, and background ready; but roll actual stats in front of the DM. He’s kinda particular about that part. In other words, have everything otherwise ready, then you can plug in stats and get rolling. I’m available for feedback regarding character creation. Saturday, we’ll get to hacking and roleplaying, you can see if our style works for you, and if your style works with us.

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Thank you, that sounds wonderful! If all goes according to plan, we'll drop by this coming Saturday, and, if you don't mind, play and see if things work out. We can come with characters to save time if desired - feel free to drop me a text or something so we can all correspond about any thematic considerations etc.

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Sing along! If you like hacking orcs at midnight, on the dunes by the cape...

We have a group that plays 5E D&D at Valhalla's Gate. The one thing that may not gel with your schedule is that we play on Saturdays, but in the afternoons (typically noon till about 4 or 5). We just started a new campaign. We're doing Waterdeep Heist currently; from there we might either do Dungeon of the Mad Mage, or re-visit Chult (or last campaign was Tomb of Annihilation). Anyways, if you're interested, let a brotha know. That, or drop by and we can see whether or not our styles match.

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Hello there!
A friend and I have been looking to fall into a regular 5e DnD group hosted at VG or in the como area. I personally run a Star Trek Adventures game on Saturday nights, so something Friday/Sunday would be preferable; However, Thursday evenings could also work for us.
We like long walks on the beach, camping in the rain, roleplaying with innkeeps, and drinking mead out of the skulls of our fallen enemies. In all seriousness, w're a pair of easygoing young professionals just as comfortable with roleplay-heavy groups as we are with more combat-focused crowds.

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