Looking for a gaming group

I am looking to DM a group in either 3.5 D&D or Pathfinder. Can run module or home-brew. Have my other half as one player already, so we'll just need one more to get started. I focus on the story/narrative in my games rather than the find thing-kill thing-loot thing style of play.

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We have a monthly gathering to play Pathfinder using the universal campaign rules for Pathfinder Society. What is nice about this is that the scenarios are interchangeable so players can use their characters anywhere within the Pathfinder Society campaign framework with any GM. Our next monthly gathering is May 11th at VG. I am still organizing the details and will have more information on our website shortly once the GMs respond.

You and your wife would be very welcome to come join the Society and have fun playing Pathfinder with us. We try to have two sessions in each time slot at PFS Smackdown for variety. We have two time slots so you can play in two sessions at every event we have.

Xathos, Chronicler of Zaroznia!

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I'm looking for a gaming group for my wife and I to join.

Stephanie likes to paint miniatures in addition to playing RPGs and board games. I like to play RPGs and design them — I had a game published in France in the 1990s. I wouldn't be opposed to running a game, either.

Stephanie doesn't really care what game we might play. We have been playing in a couple of D&D campaigns, one 5e and one 3.5e.

I'm fine with D&D, preferably 5e, although it's not my first choice. I would love to play Traveller (Mongoose 2e), Chronicles of Darkness, Coriolis, Kult 4e, pretty much anything. I'd really enjoy playing a game that used Genesys.

I'm also working on a YouTube channel about RPGs. It would be nice to have a gaming group that was also interested in contributing to something like this.


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