About Us

Valhalla's Gate Games is central Missouri's tabletop and family game headquarters. The Gate stocks a wide variety of family and board games, strategy games, party games, collectible card games and singles for Magic. We have an extensive selection of roleplaying games and accessories, miniatures for roleplayers and collectors, and fantasy, science fiction, and historical tabletop miniatures. We carry modeling paint and glue, hobby tools, and terrain supplies.  The Gate has Dragon Shields, card sleeves, deck boxes plus other gaming supplies including a huge selection of dice. Our assortment of Ty plushies is the best in the state. We are constantly on the lookout for interesting items so you can be sure of finding something new each time you come in.

While we have the largest and most complete selection of games and miniatures in the area, we also realize that it's impossible to have everything that everyone wants 100% of the time. To address this, we place orders several times a week and can generally fill requests for in-print items from our main distributors in less than a week (often within two or three days). For less common or hard to find items, we provide a reliable special-order service with numerous product lines available from more than a dozen sources.

We feel that providing quality playing space, a way to meet new gamers, and a community atmosphere are some of the most important services we can provide. As such, Valhalla's Gate has a large, dedicated gaming space available.

Valhalla's Gate holds tournaments, campaigns, leagues, and special events as well as hosting activities organized by outside groups and individuals. Demonstration games and painting and modeling clinics are scheduled regularly as well as being readily available by request.

Drinks, snacks, and a public restroom are available for shoppers and gamers alike and there's ample free parking. For long events, there is a plenitude of nearby dining options.

Come to Valhalla's Gate and enjoy the best that gaming has to offer in an appealing, clean and friendly atmosphere where gamers of all ages can feel at home.