Customer Rewards Program

As a benefit to our customers, Valhalla's Gate offers a purchase and participation rewards program. The program is free, but signup is required. Once you have signed up you will receive rewards points for most purchases made at Valhalla's Gate.

Program Details

Earning points

  • Program points are earned on qualifying purchases. Qualifying purchases include everything except event fees, purchase of consignment merchandise, certain bulk/volume purchase deals, and purchases made with gift or reward certificates. Program points are not earned for sales tax or shipping fees.
  • For each $5 of a given sales transaction one (1) point will be earned. Examples:
    • A sale of $15.46 would earn three (3) points
    • A sale of $86.71 would earn 17 points
    • A sale of $4.23 would earn zero (0) points
  • Customers must present their reward card or identify themselves as a Rewards Program member at the time of purchase in order to be credited.


  • A $5 reward certificate will be generated for every 25 points earned.
  • This certificate may be redeemed for any store purchase (including fees).
  • The certificate issued will be valid beginning 30 days after the date of issue and will remain valid for 90 days thereafter.
  • If the reward certificate is used for a purchase of less than $5, the remaining value will be placed on the customers reward account as store credit.
  • Reward certificates may only be redeemed by the customer to whom they were issued (based on the Rewards Program customer number).

Privacy and Communications

  • Valhalla's Gate, Ltd. will not share Rewards Program customer data with any outside company or organization without specific individual customer authorization.
  • By participating in the program a customer agrees that Valhalla's Gate may use mail and email contact information to send occasional event and promotional announcements.
  • In the case of special orders placed by a Rewards Program customer, store staff may use telephone and/or email contact information provided as part of the program to inform the customer of the status of their order or to seek clarification.

Program Management and Policies

  • This program is provided free of cost to the customers of Valhalla's Gate in appreciation of their patronage of the store.
  • The management of Valhalla's Gate may alter or cancel this program at their sole discretion and without advance notice. In the case of cancellation, accumulated rewards points have no value.
  • Participation or inclusion in the program may be terminated or denied to individual customers at the discretion of the management of Valhalla's Gate.
  • Accounts which are inactive (defined as having no credited purchases) for 12 months may be cancelled.
  • Questions or disputes regarding program points or rewards will be solely adjudicated by the management of Valhalla's Gate.
  • Rewards points may not be traded, sold, given away, or otherwise exchanged.
  • Reward points have no cash value.

Updated February, 2016.