Rental Game Library

Valhalla’s Gate offers a game library of more than 300 games for in-store play and take-home rental. Patrons who are interested in trying a game prior to purchasing it will find this library an invaluable resource. A maximum of three games can be rented and taken home at a time. Rentals are for two nights and three days. The cost of renting a game can be applied to the purchase of a new copy of the game once the rental has been returned to the store. A (free) Customer Rewards Account is required to rent games. 

GamePublisherRental Fee
Gravwell - 2nd EditionRenegade Game Studio8.00
SOC Settlers of Catan Card GameMayfair Games4.00
SOC Settlers of Catan Travel EdMayfair Games5.00
Arkham Horror Board GameAsmodee 9.00
Hive the Board GameSmart Zone Games6.00
Mille Bornes - Classic Racing GameAsmodee 3.00
Guillotine Card GameAvalon Hill3.00
Formula DAsmodee 9.00
Dominion (old edition)Rio Grande Games7.00
Fluxx Card GameLooney Laboratories3.00
Family BusinessMayfair Games4.00
Small WorldAsmodee 9.00
Axis & Allies 1942Wizards of the Coast10.00
Ninja Burger (Revised 2009)Steve Jackson Games6.00
Mystery ExpressAsmodee 8.00
SOC Settlers of America (SA)Catan Studios Inc.9.00
Jack and the Beanstalk GameWinning Moves3.00
OnirimAsmodee 4.00
Nuns on the RunMayfair Games6.00
Ligretto Red SetPlayroom Entertainment3.00
SOC Rivals of Catan (SA)Asmodee 3.00
Saddle Up!Playroom Entertainment3.00
Merchants & MaraudersAsmodee 10.00
Magic LabyrinthPlayroom Entertainment6.00
Forbidden IslandGamewright, Inc.5.00
SaboteurAmigo Games3.00
Doodle DiceBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Battleship GalaxiesWizards of the Coast10.00
Elder Sign Board GameAsmodee 7.00
Kingdom BuilderHit Point Sales10.00
Apples to Apples Jr.Miscellaneous4.00
Castle Panic BoardgameFireside Games6.00
SOC Catan JuniorAsmodee 6.00
Ablaze board gameMayfair Games3.00
Fluxx CthulhuLooney Laboratories3.00
Descent 2nd EdAsmodee 12.00
The Resistance 3rd Ed card gameIndie Board & Card Games4.00
Smash UpAlderac Entertainment Group6.00
SOC Catan Family Edition Board GameMayfair Games6.00
D&D Dungeon Board GameWizards of the Coast4.00
Legendary: Marvel Deck Building GameUpper Deck Company11.00
Hey! That's My Fish!Asmodee 3.00
Castles of BurgundyRavensburger7.00
Tokaido board gameAsmodee 7.00
TwigaAsmodee 3.00
TakenokoAsmodee 8.00
Relic RunnersAsmodee 10.00
Settlers of Catan Star TrekAsmodee 9.00
Eldritch HorrorAsmodee 10.00
Choose OneLooney Laboratories5.00
Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card GaBrotherwise Games4.00
Love Letter: Legend of the Five RingsAlderac Entertainment Group3.00
Bang!: The Dice GameDV Giochi3.00
Loonacy DeckLooney Laboratories3.00
ConceptAsmodee 7.00
Get Bit Deluxe Tin EditionMayday Games5.00
Pina PirataIello3.00
Doodle Quest party gameBlue Orange & Play Factory5.00
Battle Sheep gameBlue Orange & Play Factory5.00
Aztack tile gameBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
Jungle Speed: SafariAsmodee 4.00
PengolooBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
TrappexMaranda Games6.00
NiyaBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
FastrackBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
QuadefyMaranda Games6.00
PathagonMaranda Games6.00
Eternas Classic (green/white)Maranda Games6.00
Vikings: Warriors of the NorthRebel8.00
Adventure Maximus RPG: Core RulesEden Studios5.00
Splendor board gameAsmodee 7.00
GobbletBlue Orange & Play Factory6.00
Flash!Blue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Cash N Guns - Second EditionAsmodee 6.00
Fluxx HolidayLooney Laboratories3.00
Dead of WinterPlaid Hat Games10.00
Titanium WarsIello6.00
Timeline: America - HistoryAsmodee 3.00
Escape: Zombie CityQueens Games9.00
Double Feature: The Movie Game For EveryonRenegade Game Studio3.00
Sushi DraftBlue Orange & Play Factory5.00
Catan board game (2015)Asmodee 9.00
Game of CrownsAlderac Entertainment Group6.00
Star Trek: Five Year MissionMayfair Games6.00
Isle of SkyeLookout Games6.00
SUPERFIGHTSkybound Entertainment5.00
Lanterns: The Harvest FestivalRenegade Game Studio6.00
Retro Loonacy DeckLooney Laboratories3.00
Mystery: Motive for MurderMayfair Games6.00
MysteriumAsmodee 9.00
Saboteur 2 ExpansionMayfair Games3.00
Colt Express board gameAsmodee 6.00
New York 1901Blue Orange & Play Factory8.00
CodenamesCzech Games Edition4.00
Happy PigsIello6.00
Exploding Kittens: NSFW EditionExploding Kittens, LLC5.00
Telestrations Party GameUSAOpoly6.00
Agricola (revised 2016)Lookout Games9.00
Mad Libs: The GameLooney Laboratories3.00
Time StoriesAsmodee 9.00
Mystic ValeAlderac Entertainment Group7.00
Costa RicaMayfair Games6.00
Simon's Cat: The Card GameSteve Jackson Games3.00
Mansions of Madness 2nd EditionAsmodee 20.00
Captain SonarAsmodee 13.00
Sea of CloudsIello6.00
Codenames PicturesCzech Games Edition4.00
Terraforming MarsStronghold Games12.00
Clank! A Deck-Building AdventureRenegade Game Studio11.00
Ticket to Ride: Rails and SailsDays of Wonder12.00
Happy Salmon - GreenNorth Star Games3.00
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - JaAsmodee 8.00
Pyramid ArcadeLooney Laboratories12.00
Arkham Horror LCG Core SetAsmodee 6.00
World's Fair 1893Renegade Game Studio6.00
A Feast for OdinAsmodee 15.00
The Blood of an EnglishmanRenegade Game Studio3.00
Lanterns Emperor's Gifts ExpansionRenegade Game Studio3.00
King of Tokyo: 2nd Edition (2016)Iello8.00
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures of Cursed IslaPortal Games10.00
The Legend of the Wendigo board gameIello3.00
Welcome Back to the Dungeon Mini GamesIello3.00
Tem-Purr-A Mini GamesIello3.00
Gigamons gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Go Go Gelato gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Dr. Eureka gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Dr. Microbe gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Kingdomino board gameBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
Flying Kiwis board gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Rally Roll dice gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
mble Tree card gameBlue Orange & Play Factory7.00
Exit: The Abandoned CabinThames & Kosmos3.00
Exit: The Pharaoh's TombThames & Kosmos3.00
HonshuRenegade Game Studio5.00
Adult Mad Libs: The GameLooney Laboratories3.00
Fluxx Drinking (Age 18+)Looney Laboratories4.00
Dice StackBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Dr. BeakerBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
Fluxx MathLooney Laboratories3.00
Caverna: Cave vs Cave (2 Player)Lookout Games5.00
Pixy CubesBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Tricky TrunksBlue Orange & Play Factory5.00
Super Genius: Alphabet (2016)Blue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Super Genius: AdditionBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Super Genius: First WordsBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Betrayal at Baldur's GateWizards of the Coast8.00
Fallout: The Board GameAsmodee 12.00
Codenames: DuetCzech Games Edition3.00
Bunny KingdomIello10.00
Atlas: Enchanted LandsRenegade Game Studio3.00
Caverna: The Cave FarmersMayfair Games14.00
Folklore the AfflictionGreenbrier Games11.00
Ex LibrisRenegade Game Studio10.00
Clank! In Space!Renegade Game Studio11.00
Dragonfire DBGCatalyst Game Studio9.00
QueendominoBlue Orange & Play Factory6.00
Photosynthesis board gameBlue Orange & Play Factory8.00
Ticket to Ride: First Journey - EuropeAsmodee 6.00
Twilight Imperium 4th EditionAsmodee 25.00
Civilization: A New DawnAsmodee 9.00
Fluxx Doctor WhoLooney Laboratories3.00
Above and BelowRed Raven8.00
Explorers of the North SeaRenegade Game Studio10.00
Raiders of the North Sea: Hall of HeroesRenegade Game Studio10.00
Path of Light and ShadowIndie Board & Card Games15.00
Who Did It?Blue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Tofu Kingdom card gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Stuffed FablesPlaid Hat Games11.00
Maki Stack gameBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
Untold the Adventure AwaitsThe Creativity Hub6.00
Dreadball: 2nd Edition Boxed GameMantic Games13.00
Unicorn Glitterluck - Cloud CrystalsHaba3.00
Rhino HeroHaba3.00
Dice ForgeAsmodee 10.00
Song of Ice & Fire: Starter - Stark vs. LaCMON23.00
Space BaseAlderac Entertainment Group7.00
Junk OrbitRenegade Game Studio6.00
The Tea Dragon Society Card GameRenegade Game Studio3.00
House of Danger Choose Your Own AdventureAsmodee 4.00
The Legend of the Cherry Tree Pre-ReleaseIello5.00
Spy ClubRenegade Game Studio8.00
Fluxx Star TrekLooney Laboratories3.00
Fluxx Star Trek: The Next GenerationLooney Laboratories3.00
Spell SmashersRenegade Game Studio8.00
Dungeon Raiders: 2nd EditionDevir4.00
Giant QueendominoBlue Orange & Play Factory12.00
Giant PengolooBlue Orange & Play Factory5.00
CloudsBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Cubeez, Silly Face RaceBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Where's Mr. Wolf?Blue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Happy BunnyBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Pool PartyBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Spot It!: Gone Camping (peg/blister)Asmodee 3.00
TopiaryRenegade Game Studio6.00
Mary Engelbreit LoonacyLooney Laboratories3.00
OrbisAsmodee 6.00
Discover: Lands UnknownAsmodee 10.00
The RiverAsmodee 6.00
Railroad Ink: BlueCMON4.00
GoodcrittersArcane Wonders4.00
KoiSmirk & Dagger Games6.00
Architects of the West KingdomRenegade Game Studio10.00
Treasure IslandAsmodee 9.00
Through the DesertAsmodee 7.00
Tokyo HighwayAsmodee 8.00
ComanautsPlaid Hat Games11.00
K2Asmodee 6.00
BumuntuWiz Kids6.00
Unstable Unicorns Card GameTee Turtle5.00
Tiny TownsAlderac Entertainment Group8.00
Res ArcanaAsmodee 6.00
TrapwordsCzech Games Edition4.00
Forsaken ForestForsaken Forest6.00
Wing It: The Game of Extreme StorytellingFlying Leap Games6.00
Trekking National Parks: Second EditionUnderdog Games8.00
A Tale Of PiratesLion Rampant Imports8.00
MoonoLion Rampant Imports3.00
Root: Core GameLeder Games10.00
The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Asmodee 16.00
Planet board gameBlue Orange & Play Factory6.00
Wing It: BeyondFlying Leap Games4.00
Space Gate OdysseyAsmodee 9.00
VortexLion Rampant Imports5.00
NoctilucaAsmodee 7.00
GodsforgeAtlas Games6.00
High RiskIello3.00
Sherlock Express Card GameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Slide QuestBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
Lanterns Dice: Lights in the SkyRenegade Game Studio5.00
Bosk board gameFlood Gate Games7.00
CorinthAsmodee 4.00
Periodic A Game of ElementsGenius Games7.00
WarCry Skirmish Battles (2019)Games Workshop26.00
Little TownIello5.00
Terror BelowRenegade Game Studio8.00
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board GaRenegade Game Studio15.00
Harry Potter ClueUSAOpoly8.00
The Towers of ArkhanosIDW Games6.00
Bargain QuestRenegade Game Studio8.00
ObscurioAsmodee 8.00
Eternal Chronicles of the ThroneRenegade Game Studio3.00
Ninja Academy Mini GamesIello3.00
Parks: The Board Game Kickstarter EditionKeymaster Games8.00
Court of the Dead: Mourners Call - SpiritProject Raygun20.00
EverdellStarling Games11.00
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Core SetAsmodee 15.00
Gizmos 2nd EditionCMON7.00
Paper TalesStronghold Games7.00
Magic The Gathering: Ravnica InquisitionWiz Kids5.00
Panda HeadR&R Games3.00
Paladins of the West KingdomRenegade Game Studio10.00
Gates of DeliriumRenegade Game Studio9.00
Deep BlueAsmodee 8.00
Vast: The Mysterious ManorLeder Games8.00
Vast: The Haunted Hallways ExpansionLeder Games7.00
Aquicorn CoveRenegade Game Studio6.00
Megacity: OceaniaAsmodee 9.00
Wingspan: RevisedStonemaier Games12.00
Taverns of TiefenthalNorth Star Games8.00
Catan: Starfarers 2nd Edition (stand aloneAsmodee 15.00
Tsuro Phoenix RisingCalliope Games9.00
Raids board gameIello7.00
NanofictionaryLooney Laboratories3.00
Kingdomino Giant Size board gameBlue Orange & Play Factory12.00
Lovelace & BabbageArtana3.00
Little Battle card gameIello3.00
Zoo RunIello3.00
AftermathPlaid Hat Games13.00
Sprint board gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Caylus 1303Asmodee 9.00
Time Chase card gameRenegade Game Studio4.00
Dice City board gameAlderac Entertainment Group6.00
Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of ArtisansRenegade Game Studio6.00
Professor Evil and the Citadel of Time (dmg back)Asmodee 6.00
Truffle ShuffleAlderac Entertainment Group3.00
Point Salad card gameAlderac Entertainment Group4.00
Flyin Goblin board gameIello6.00
Go Cuckoo!Haba3.00
Brandon the BraveHaba3.00
Animal Upon AnimalHaba4.00
Valley of the VikingsHaba5.00
Cosmic Encounter: DuelAsmodee 7.00
Time Bomb EvolutionIello3.00
Dragon's BreathHaba4.00
Letter JamCzech Games Edition4.00
PictomaniaCzech Games Edition4.00
Silver Coin (combine-able game)Bezier Games4.00
Splendor: MarvelAsmodee 8.00
7 Wonders (2020 Edition)Asmodee 9.00
Smash Up: Marvel (stand alone)USAOpoly6.00
IwariLucky Duck10.00
Station Master Executive Class Kickstarter EditionCalliope Games5.00
Raiders of ScythiaRenegade Game Studio10.00
Atheneum - Mystic LibraryRenegade Game Studio7.00
Zombie Teenz EvolutionIello4.00
PaleoAsmodee 10.00
Schotten Totten 2 (mini game)Iello3.00
Catch the Moon board gameAsmodee 4.00
PunderdomeRandom House Publishing4.00
Royal VisitIello4.00
Descent: Legends of the DarkAsmodee 28.00
Kids on Bikes: Snallygaster Situation Board GameRenegade Game Studio10.00
D&D: Dungeon Mayhem - Base GameWizards of the Coast3.00
Trial By TrolleySkybound Entertainment4.00
Yukon SalonAtlas Games3.00
Duel of Wands - Kids on Brooms Card GameRenegade Game Studio5.00
Orchard 9 Card Solitaire GameGiga Mech3.00
Vampire Rivals ECG: Core SetRenegade Game Studio7.00
Catapult FeudIello6.00
Khora (expert level game)Iello9.00
Sticky CthulhuIello3.00
Last MessageIello5.00
For the King (and Me)Iello5.00
Little FactoryIello3.00
Zoom In BarcelonaBlue Orange & Play Factory4.00
CascadiaAlderac Entertainment Group7.00
GudetamaRenegade Game Studio3.00
Galaxy Trucker (2021 edition)Czech Games Edition7.00
Castle PartyDevir3.00
The Color MonsterDevir5.00
Great Western Trail 2nd Edition (GWT)Asmodee 11.00
Prisma ArenaHUB (automatic addition)6.00
FlipOver FrogHUB (automatic addition)3.00
Kombo KlashHUB (automatic addition)4.00
BarBearian Battlegrounds Tales of BarBEARiaGreenbrier Games8.00
Fantasy Realms: The Cursed Hoard ExpansionWiz Kids3.00
Kim-Joy's Magic Bakery!Skybound Entertainment4.00
Pebble Rock Delivery ServiceSkybound Entertainment4.00
Equinox - Golem EditionAsmodee 6.00
Horrified: American MonstersRavensburger8.00
Dead Men Tell No Tales (Renegade Edition)Renegade Game Studio8.00
Dodos Riding Dinosaurs Special EditionDraco Studios13.00
Here to SlayTee Turtle5.00
Ice Hoppers gameBlue Orange & Play Factory3.00
Azul: Queen's GardenAsmodee 7.00
HibachiAsmodee 7.00
Unstable Unicorns: Kids EditionTee Turtle3.00
Aldabas: Kickstarter EditionGrand Gamers Guild5.00
TransmissionsCrosscut Games10.00
Cat in the Box: Deluxe EditionBezier Games5.00
The Transcontinental Kickstarter EditionWheel House Games10.00
Skull Canyon: Ski FestPandasaurus Games6.00
Dungeon Party Starter BoxForbidden Games4.00
Calico Kickstarter EditionFlatout Games8.00
Ready Set BetAlderac Entertainment Group6.00
Grove 9 Card Solitaire GameGiga Mech3.00
Splendor DuelAsmodee 5.00
Ransom NotesVery Special Games Company6.00
Call of the WildWorldwise Import3.00
VerdantAlderac Entertainment Group6.00
Ultimate Pub Trivia gameUniversity Games6.00
Starship CaptainsCzech Games Edition9.00
HerStoryUnderdog Games8.00
SpaceteamStellar Factory4.00
EarthInside Up Games8.00
Kiwi Chow DownDraco Studios11.00
Pacific Rails Inc.Iello7.00
Thunder Road: VendettaRestoration Games10.00
For Northwood!Giga Mech3.00
Carcassonne Board Game (old version)Rio Grande Games7.00
Sherlock memory gamePlayroom Entertainment3.00
Mystery of the Abbey board gameAsmodee 10.00
Ticket to RideAsmodee 9.00
Munchkin Card GameSteve Jackson Games5.00
Munchkin BitesSteve Jackson Games4.00
Citadels Card Game (Old edition)Asmodee 6.00
Are You A Werewolf?Looney Laboratories3.00